Constitution of the Middle East Acoustic Society

The constitution of the Middle East Acoustic Society is a set of by-laws as adopted by the committee and applies to all members of the society.

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The Middle East Acoustic Society was formed in 2008, comprising of three founding members. Since then it has grown to over 40 members consisting of consultants, suppliers, engineers and local authority representatives all with a keen interest in the area of acoustics.

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Executive Council

The executive council are the governing body of the Middle East Acoustic Society and are responsible for managing the overall workings of the society. The executive council make rules and regulations for the conduct of its work and for the administration of the Society. 

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Technical Committee

The technical committee's purpose is to promote professional engineering within the society and advise the Executive Committee on all technical matters and to act as a forum for coordinating the technical and research activities of the society. 

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Joining a professional body such as the Middle East Acoustic Society is a great way to make some useful contacts, give yourself the best professional opportunities and make an impact on your career. This page provides an overview of the membership structure of the Society.

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Code of Ethics

Members of the Middle East Acoustic Society are expected to further the aims of the Society to the best of their abilities. The standing of MEAS is enhanced if its members are not only well qualified, but also have a professional commitment to a standard of excellence in their work and in their dealings with other people.

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Become a Member

Whether you are a consultancy, supplier, individual consultant, technical engineer or student with an interest in acoustics you can find out here if you are eligible to apply for membership. Please read the information on this page which is important to ensure a successful application.

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